Playing hard

Today I was playing hard with friends.  We hung out on the octopus for a bit.
Then I decided to have some solo fun on the submarine.
Land ho!
Slidin away.
That doesn’t seem right!
Best seat on the ship!
Ands I totally love my outfits.  Shout outs to my auntie Tyler.
This outfit is named Misha and it’s for TD baby or kid.
Comes with matching flip flops for summer!

I’m not small.. I’m fun sized!

Today’s post is about Sweet Tots cute group gift.
It’s these awesome short overall shorts and suspenders.  The shirt says I’m not small…I’m fun sized.
It is sooooooooo me.  Dis is awesome.  I don’t fink I can say that enough. 
So I decided to show you a picture.

So here are the details & props:

Body: Toddleedoo Girl Baby size
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Jadee Skin
Shape:**Cute Bytes** Spring
Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Romantic Eyes ~ Purple
Hair: .ploom. Browns 1 – Livia ~ Chocolate
dinosaur: AR Rawr Apatosaurus sit 5



So, I decided to strike first with a simple brontosaurus in a ‘watering hole’ in Adri’s room.

Well apparentlys if you adds water it grows.

 Well somefings to remembers is always payback.  I comes back to a rather large orca in my cabin under the cobers leaving everything and i means eberythings smelling like wet fish.

So Adri, you might habs won this round.


Scuba diving at camps~ Day 2

So today I wents scuba diving at camp.
I gots this cool scuba tank and mask so I cans breathe under waters.  Dis allows me to swim with the fishies and explore the sunken ship. 
I also found an awesome under water boats with kelps growing wif dems.
Decided to dry off from being water logged.
I mights try the jet ski laters. We shall sees.