Gacha Land Event

Excited to announce the beginning of Gacha Land on May 7.

This gacha event will run monthly with a theme.

The first event will begin May 7 2015 and run through May 30, 2015.

Also super excited to announce I’m a blogger for the event.

May theme is for Mom.

Have further questions or want to know how to get your business in the gacha??

IM Lilly Composer in SecondLife or private message her in Facebook.

Gatcha land

Gatcha land


Hanging Out

Today I decided to wear the new outfit by Pinned Design named May Outfit.

It’s pink and plaid and has tennis shoes!! WOOT!!

Anyways, to me this has a camping feel to the outfit so I went and found a nice camping scene to show you.

I borrowed the scenery from Closet Chickies. *muah* thanks for the log and fire.

hanging out

So here are the details:

Body: Toddleedoo Girl Baby size
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Jadee Skin
Shape:**Cute Bytes** Spring
Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Romantic Eyes ~ Purple
Hair: .ploom. Madison-Browns pack
Outfit: Pinned Design May Outfit (includes tennis shoes) MP link

Scenery: Sim Kings Ranch outside Closet Chickie


Dirty Job ~ Fun Someone’s gotta do it!

Today I ventured out to the Mud Pie Event!

Love the entrance landing on a dirt pile.


Went looking around and had to buy the shirt I have on by Charmie Latte. The shirt comes with a dirty face tattoo with mud spots and streaks on it for the dirty job.

I paired the outfit with some jeans from Pinned Design.

Dug out some sandals from LBM to match.

Topped off my outfit with some cloud heart glasses from Droplet.

mudpie fun



Had a great time exploring the small event.Some very cute items to look through.

So you ask why Mud Pie event?

According to a sign posted these designers were supposed to be in a different event and they got ‘screwed.’

So they made a new event and began by throwing Mud Pies.


Body: Toddleedoo Girl Baby size
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Jadee Skin
Shape:**Cute Bytes** Spring
Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Romantic Eyes ~ Purple
Hair: .ploom. Livia -Browns pack
Outfit: shirt: Sk’s Dirty Job Gonna Bake Tshirt -Mud Pie Event
Jeans:Tie-Ups Jeans TD (Pinned Design)
Shoes: {Lil Big Me} Hippy Outfit -sandals
Glasses: Droplet Spring Clouds Glasses (Easter 2015 hunt-no longer available)
tattoo:Sk’s dirty face tattoo -Mud Pie Event (dirty face muddy streaks)
hairbow:{Lil Big Me} Hippy Outfit -hairbow


I has mad driving skills…..

So maybe the law is right sometimes with applying an age limit on when you cans starts driving.  I gots this Jeep at Dream Kids Nature Event. I a terrible driver.  Maybe the SL pixel driver place will oberlook my completes lack of abilities to drives.  I can go in a circle really really well.  But as for being to steer and go to where I want… watch out SL world because one mad driving coming throughs…


Anyways, atleast I’m styling on my posh Jeep .


Also, maybe I shouldn’t have laughed at family driving there jeep and putting us underwater.


What’s so cool about this jeep is 5 can ride in it.  So for a big family that’s great because what’s more fun than your parent driving and you and 3 sissies making fun of everything at the top of your lungs? ( the answer is nothing in case you didn’t knows)


Suzie-ism: Ponderings of a 5 year old -Skin of my teeth

Why does we say  I escaped by the skin of my teeth??

Ummm.. my teeth has no skins on dem.

It made me ponder. Where does it comes from?

What does it mean?

Do my teeth have skin?

Is this a really silly phrase or what?

So I googled the phrase “skin of my teeth”.

Originally the phrase is attributed to Job in the Bible.

Job 19:20 “I am nothing but skin and bones; I have escaped with only the skin of my teeth.”

Some argue translating it as.. I have escaped by the skin of my teeth..

Either way our teeth have no skin on them.

It really means escaped by the narrowest margin.

Another possible meaning in this idiom is if all fighting appendages are bond or missing one still has their teeth left to fight with. So trying to escape by narrowest margin with the smallest weapon attached.

This all leads me to concludes…. (As I imagine a rat chewing through a rope to escape by ‘skin of its teeth’) it’s a pretty funny saying. So I’m blogging it as a suzie-ism.


Beaut-i-mus!. Just beaut-i-mus!

Well I say, I founds a saloon and gots my hair dones. Super awesome look.  My normal straight hairs parted on the right either in a bun or down is now  a little darker, parted on the left. And wait for it…….

Has some CURLS!!!!


Can I just say it’s beaut-i-mus.  Love it! My sissy say it still cobering my eyes but who cares.  I has some curls. This one comes with a texture change hairbow you can either use attached to chin or attached to skull. Texture change is set with some basic colors and some polka-dot options as well. Note it is a separate attachment so you don’t have to use it if your outfit comes with hair bows already.

So, the hair is from PLOOM which is having a 50% off retirement sale in the main store as she gets ready to open DOE. The single hair color packs are 100 L$ and if you want the one with the basics in it 125 L$.

While talking about hairs, I also adventured out and got an updo for when I has to be fancy. Lobes how it makes a bow wif my hairs!  Once again from Ploom.  Both are in the browns pack. Note this one also has an attached headband that has color change in set styles. You can turn off the headband.

Ploom Honey Suziehairs_006


My style take:

Photo 1:

Body: Toddleedoo Girl Baby size
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Jadee Skin
Shape:**Cute Bytes** Spring
Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Romantic Eyes ~ Purple

Hair : Ploom: Madison – browns (shown with no roots color)

Outfit: {Lil Big Me} Vintage Explorer (group gift)


Photo 2 & 3

Body: Toddleedoo Girl Baby size
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Jadee Skin
Shape:**Cute Bytes** Spring
Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Romantic Eyes ~ Purple
Hair: .ploom. Honey- Browns pack
Outfit: Tie-Ups Leana Gown Ivy Gold – Pinned Design