Sissy Lissa

Hellos.  Todays I blog about my sissy Lissa.  Lissa is 4 in SL and well we has a lot of fun together.
Last night she was upsets wif me because I went shopping without hers.  Well she didn’t get anythinfs with where I did takes her so I not sure what all the hooplas was about.
We decided well I decided to go to another store to check out the new gacha from Droplet, the pillow ones she released yesterday.  I got the sheep one by the way. Anyways we found an awesome car to play in the trunk on.
I has no idea who the car is by so I try to member laters to go look and post info under props after my pictures.
Sometimes in life the best place to think is in a trunk. Right? or am I right?  It’s quiet there and you can reflect.  Even better when you look cool doing it.
Lissa and I been together since the day SL spat me out and have been having a blast since then.  You never knows what Lissa gonna say.  She must been thinking hards because this is her speechless.
She must be pondering somefing magnificent.  She was speechless 2 whole minutes!!! That’s a life time in TD years.
Still pondering.
Okay she done pondering and was like you done yet? I tired of sitting here.
Ok, so here are the details I do know:
Cute Bytes Toddleedoo Baby Girl
Playoutfit: Pinned Design – Tie-Ups Rhee (releasing later this week)
Sunglasses: Pinned Design – Tie-Ups Rhee yellow
(also sunglasses will be in a gacha later this week)
location: street between Flutter and Droplet
So not really and adventure today just some quality time wif me sissy.
Next post is Zoo-licious:family gathering at the zoo.

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