We took a family trip to the zoo on Sunday.  And as some of you knows I has a really big family. We were all holding hands and looked like the ant trail headed to the anteater.
This is some of my family in the photo.  We don’t all fit in one shot nor do we stand still long nuff to even try and get us all in.

We saw some red foxes.
An elephant, gorilla, zebra , pumba and timon, and giraffe.
Some pandas.
Whatever this thing is.
Did you know rhinos will rub off their horns in captivity? Yup Yup.
An ostrich.
A Suzie bunny wearing polkatots.
Some very very large turtles. And no you can’t ride them I tried.
Kangaroo and a dingo.
Um this guinea pig looking thing that’s not a guinea pig.
A camel and not it’s not hump day.
A Hippo.
A snow leopard.  He thought some of my sissies looked like snack.
A White buffalo and I not finds any buffalo chips.
A regular buffalo.
Swan lake.
I finks this shot pretty so I included it.
a barn with some wheat.
So we had a zoo-licious time as we explored. So maybes I see you round as we go traveling through SL.

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