Laundry day -Suzie style

Today is laundry day for me.  I waiting for the washer to finish so I can toss into the dryers.  Once in the dryer then I waits for it so I can change out of my pjs.
Speaking of my pjs….. shout out to Tyler Pin for my watermelon pjs.
Not so sure I like laundry days….. but I guess if I wants something to wear it gotta be more clean than running through the river. But if fun to jump off the washer and dryer… SHHH
Okay so here the details:
Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Romantic Eyes
Washer & Dryer: LISP – Dolly Dryer – Blue
Sink:LISP – Dolly Sink – Blue
Baskets & Such: LISP – Dolly Shelf – Blue
Pictures: Le Bistro – Laundry Art 1 & Laundry Art 2
Until the laundry gets done.  Doing it Suzie style.
You have just be suzied.
**updated to include MP listings on some items**



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