I has mad driving skills…..

So maybe the law is right sometimes with applying an age limit on when you cans starts driving.  I gots this Jeep at Dream Kids Nature Event. I a terrible driver.  Maybe the SL pixel driver place will oberlook my completes lack of abilities to drives.  I can go in a circle really really well.  But as for being to steer and go to where I want… watch out SL world because one mad driving coming throughs…


Anyways, atleast I’m styling on my posh Jeep .


Also, maybe I shouldn’t have laughed at family driving there jeep and putting us underwater.


What’s so cool about this jeep is 5 can ride in it.  So for a big family that’s great because what’s more fun than your parent driving and you and 3 sissies making fun of everything at the top of your lungs? ( the answer is nothing in case you didn’t knows)


One thought on “I has mad driving skills…..

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