Fairy Gotcha

Beginning June 1 Pixestick Gotcha changes the theme to Fairies.

Today I get to showoff Fairy Crowns and Sparkle Wands from Glitter Junkie.

Emmi Monigal has outdone herself for this event.

There are two gotcha with….dusts a little sparkle from her wand….  21 items each.

What? Wait.. Yes I said 21 per machine.

7 rares in each machine.

I’m showing off the Fairy Crowns and Wands specifically Fairy Wand Rainbow and Fairy Flower Crown Sparkle Pink (rare).

Books come to life

All wands have sparkles and are commons.

I’m also going to tease you with the Second machine…. Gothic Crowns and Wands.

Gothic Crown

This time I went for the Glitter Junkie – Fairy Gothic Crown Sparkle Red and added the Glitter Junkie – Fairy Wand Gothic Purple

Thank you Emmi for this wonderful set for the upcoming Gotcha @ Pixiestick


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