Congrats to the newlyweds

So todays Auntie Star & Unkie Pits tied the not.

I didn’t see them tie anything during the wedding but that’s okay.

Congrats and is it cake time yet??

I been waiting for evers for the cake.

By the way I get permission to wear my cowgirl boots instead of dress shoes! Woot.  The wedding fairy smiled on me.


waiting for cake time at the wedding.....

***** Suzie’s Take *****

Body: Toddleedoo Girl Baby size
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Rapunzel Skin – Tan/Nut
Shape:**Cute Bytes** Spring
Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Romantic Eyes ~ Emerald
Hair: .ploom. Madison – Browns
Outfit: ~QT PIes~ White Glitter Formal Dress- sweet wedding
boots: CuddleBugs-TD Cowkids Western Outfit Series (red)

:*BABY*: Starry Night Blush – Berry

Bench: Dr3amweaver – Celtic Wedding Reception Venue – Table Set 1


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