#111 Cause I dreamed through 110

Dream Big Little One Dream Big.

Well I did dream big. REALLY big. So big I can’t count right.

No one even caught it but I’m gonna fess up. I blogged post #106 twice. So I dreamed so big I doubled 106 so I’m skipping 110.

Makes sense to me.

Anyways. I figure after my awe-inspiring butterfly ripple effect post I should be honest and fess up I can’t count BUT I can and will dream big. So here’s to dreaming big.

What better way than to dream than among the clouds in an outfit that tells me to dream big little one. I figure even if I miss on a dream while in the clouds I’ll “land among the stars.” That’s part of a great quote by Norman Vincent Peale.

So here’s to dreaming kid or baby if you a TD baby *giggles*

GL Dream_001

***** Suzie’s Take*****

Body: Toddleedoo Girl Baby size

Skin: **Cute Bytes** Rapunzel Skin – Tan/Nut

Shape: [Whimsy] Jaqueline Toddleedoo Shape  

Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Romantic Eyes ~ Emerald

Mesh Head: *CB* Baby Mesh Head #3 – MINA

Hair: .ploom. Browns 1 – Livia

Outfit: Glitter Junkie – Dream Big

SL URL: Glitter Junkie

Sponsor:Glitter Junkie Events N Blogs



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