Crated love for my besties

Sometimes peeps just get you.  Those peeps become your besties. Yup. Nuff saids.

These awesome crates are available at the Everything Kid Gacha Event. Created by Sweet & Sassy.  There are 5 to collect with the sweethearts one being the rare. 5 animations in each. Lot’s of fun and bestie talking spots a plus.

mixed 2_001

Crate Chair Everything Kid Gacha Event

Thanks to my besties Tyler and Lissa for letting me borrow them for this blog.mixed 2_002

Rundown of outfits:

Tyler ( on blue crate): Pinned Design Let’s Bumble (post here)

Lissa (on Sweetheart create  RARE): Pinned Design Thea Dress

Suzie -muah-(on red crate): Little Rainbows Love Dress


Sweet&Sassy Logo Dec 2015

Little Rainbows PDtealchrome

More details on future blogs on the outfits featured on this post.


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