Yoga time

Breath in.  Breath out. Breath in.. Breath out. Relax. Let the tension out and stretch.

Opening on February 25th, 2016 is TOUS LES ENFANT. For this event Lil Cathy’s released Yoga Time. There are 11 commons and 7 rares. This gacha includes water bottles, clothes, and mats. Get yours as soon as it opens. They are so cute.

***** Suzie’s Take *****

Body: **Cute Bytes** Toddleedoo Girl Baby size
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Rapunzel Skin – Tan/Nut
Shape: [Whimsy] Jaqueline Toddleedoo Shape
Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Romantic Eyes ~ Emerald
Mesh Head: *CB* Baby Mesh Head #3 – MINA
Hair:Doe: Cricket – Browns
Outfit: C@ Yoga Time outfit Blue Rare
Props: (Yoga Time gachas)
[C@]Yoga Time Math Plain Green
[C@]Yoga Time Math ZOMG KITTY RARE
[C@]Yoga Time Math Roses RARE
[C@]Yoga Time Waterbottle Panda Blue
[C@]Yoga Time Waterbottle Bunny Lime
[C@]Yoga Time Waterbottle Bunny Purple


Logo Lil Cathy


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