My top 5 Flickr favorites to me..

Sometimes I share my top 5-10 pictures on flickr. Well today I’;m sharing my all time favorite top 5 pictures I like on my flickr stream. I think only 2 of them are in the top 10 in views. But its my favorites so its allowed.

So let the countdown begin.

GJ LV Event RarePink Argyle
Shadow play


I will save you Mr Teddy Bear

Captured beneath the water


Bears need to potty too

As you can see they range.  But something is so very funny about a bear on a toilet. And yes my mommy did yell at me for putting him there. Almost as much as for putting the hippos in the bathtub because they didn’t have a swimming pool yet.

It was hard to narrow down to 5. The top 3 were pretty easy.

So hope you enjoy just a little piece of Suzie madness today.


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