A Romping Discovery

Today I made a great romping discovery with my new new puppy Peky. I discovered this placed called Devils Point which is really a beautifully landscaped sim perfect for all us bloggers. So make sure you head over there and click away.  You won’t be disappointed at the shots you can achieve.

I was walking around the bend when I noticed some iron gates. I’m 4 I was curious. i found this stone graves. Don’t worry i didn’t go very close.

My outfit is Pinned Design and part of the Chevy Romp Gacha this month (until about May 20) at KidGrid Gacha. Tyler created a kid and baby TD version. What’s great is the romper can be worn without the shirt so no matter which piece you win it can be worn separate. There are 6 commons: green romper,black romper, rose romper, indigo romper, socks (HUD), and shoes which are re-sizable and ONE rare:shirt (HUD).

The outfit is bound to please and like I said you can’t go wrong with any piece. Today I have on the green romper with the shirt, socks, and shoes.

Chevy Romp green_001
Waiting on our train
***** Suzie’s Take *****

Body: **Cute Bytes** Toddleedoo Girl 2.9 Baby
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Rapunzel Skin – Tan/Nut
Shape: [Whimsy] Jaqueline Toddleedoo Shape(edited)
Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Romantic Eyes ~ Emerald
Mesh Head: *CB* Baby Mesh Head #3 – MINA
**Cute Bytes** ToddleeDoo HandPoses relaxed
Hair:Doe: Cricket – Browns
Outfit:Pinned Design Checy Romp Gacha (KidGrid Gacha)
Pieces: Green Romper, Shirt (rare), socks), shoes

Pose: click.Dainty 5
Sim: Devils Point




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