Lemonade Break

On a hot summer day you has to take a lemonade break.

I’m sure glad I has a choice between strawberry lemonade and regular. Today I’m having regular but my sissy is having strawberry.

This lemonade gacha has 18 pieces to collect in a new event called Ankle Biters which occurs at the business location. This Lemonade party is by Buglets. The entire set as pictured is 26 prims. ( rezzed two fence pieces twice). The bench,m chair, and crate have multiple poses. So it’s a party all around.

My dress is an exclusive at Kids Limited running now until July 19. The dress named Megan is by *DoRks* and available in 5 colors: Lime, Lemon, Bubble Gum, Orange , and Grape. Once the events ends this dress is gone. Please note this is only for toddleedoo BABY.I have the Lime one on. It comes with these awesome rainbow flip flops.

Tyler’s romper is located at Pinned Design in a gacha named Chevy Romp. She has on the Rose romper Kid and the sneakers both which are commons.

Lemonade Break_001





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