Decisions are hard

Sometimes when you are 4 life is hard. Especially decisions decisions on what to wear.  See I not a very girlie girl most of the time. Today after i got up and accidentally let me hamster out of the cage for a stroll. Yup he’s still running around the house I had to put on clothes.

Even thought I wanted to wear my panda sleeping shirt by Little Scribblers all day. I figured i will be in enough trouble for letting the hamster out I better not push it. So I tried on a few outfits. Settled on a cute sundress by Jinx named Meri Mesa. Also has some cute matching formation boots I’m loving. Tossed mines hair into some pigtails and went looking for my hamster. I decided to look under my bed first. Not there.

Look under my sisters beds in our room. Not there. Got bored. Let mommie know the hamster is exercising his legs and I catch him later I needs to play.

The poses are from  House of Zion from the pack Jaylah.

These three items are available through July 19 at Kids Limited.

jinx zion_001little scribblers zion_001


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