103 My hot Sausage Ride (Freebie)

So I logged on to Facebook today to an incredible freebie.  Yes you heard me a freebie so I hads to go get its. Linked to the freebie shot.

Okay. So i went and got the sausage car. Can I say adorbs to the thousanths degree!!! not sure you make it that high but whatevers.  You get the point.Totally rode it around my home sim then around several other friend’s sims.

So anyways.

Get one its fun and free and can be resized and has an adult version as well. Nothing to loose. The  group is free.

So many many many kudos to Sweet Baby’s owner Stephanie Leclerc for this awesome gift. Link to the Sweet Baby’s FB page here.

Photo opp time:

Sausauge car rides_001 Sausauge car rides_002

By the way the sliced sausage wheel is also a horn. So I better roll on out of this post before I make way too many meat jokes.

Here’s a slurl to Sweet Baby Store. Tag it here