Gacha Land: Lillypop’s Breakfast and Flowers

According to Lilly:

KidsĀ are like flowers,

and mom’s help

them grow.

Show your mom your growth with the growing flowers and rocking chair.

Click a flower and watch it spring to life.

Each flower has a different saying.

Touch and it and grow it all over again.


Not into flowers and growing?

Maybe you like to cuddle and help cook.

Make mom breakfast and bed.

Give her some extra loving or maybe a hug and kiss too.

She can use these awesome coupons for extra snuggles from you.


Gacha land

Creations by Lilly Composer

Gatcha land

Gatcha land


M for Mom by Glitter Junkie

Hurry on down to Gacha Land event while it’s here and check out the finds.

Glitter Junkie released a cute M for Mom outfit in pink or purple.

Each piece is a separate pull. Rares are the entire outfit.

Made for TD Baby.

M is for Mom

Notice how the outfit comes with cute socks, flower headband, bows, matching passie, long top, and bloomers.

Each pull earns you a piece of one of the two outfits unless you get the rare where its the entire outfit!

Here is the complete other outfit.

M is for Mom

And definitely loving the back ruffles on my hiney,.

M is for Mom

Thanks Emmi for these cute outfits!


Gacha Land Event

Excited to announce the beginning of Gacha Land on May 7.

This gacha event will run monthly with a theme.

The first event will begin May 7 2015 and run through May 30, 2015.

Also super excited to announce I’m a blogger for the event.

May theme is for Mom.

Have further questions or want to know how to get your business in the gacha??

IM Lilly Composer in SecondLife or private message her in Facebook.

Gatcha land

Gatcha land