My top 5 Flickr favorites to me..

Sometimes I share my top 5-10 pictures on flickr. Well today I’;m sharing my all time favorite top 5 pictures I like on my flickr stream. I think only 2 of them are in the top 10 in views. But its my favorites so its allowed.

So let the countdown begin.

GJ LV Event RarePink Argyle
Shadow play


I will save you Mr Teddy Bear

Captured beneath the water


Bears need to potty too

As you can see they range.  But something is so very funny about a bear on a toilet. And yes my mommy did yell at me for putting him there. Almost as much as for putting the hippos in the bathtub because they didn’t have a swimming pool yet.

It was hard to narrow down to 5. The top 3 were pretty easy.

So hope you enjoy just a little piece of Suzie madness today.


187 and counting

I decided to show you my most viewed photo as of right now on my flickr page.

I am highly amused it is this photo.

Without further waiting…….

Bears need to potty too

Giggles a lot that a bear on a potty is this popular!

All for the bear necessities.


Fun to be a cowgirl….. Gachas by Glitter Junkie

Bring on the cows and horses.  I a cowgirl today!.

This awesome outfits is by Emmi @ Glitter Junkies for the Sidewalk Gacha Sale.

(takes a breath……)

Check out my breathtaking cowgirl out!

Add to invite a friend to show you two colors: Purple & Lime (rares)


Ride'em bestie

Ride’em bestie


Excuse us while we tame some Pegasus horses.

This gacha also has the following items to collect and trade (actually 2 different gachas)

40 L a pull.

Gacha one:

Gacha 1 Bow

Oversized common shirts: 6 different ones

Saying : From Bows to Boots I’m Cowgirl Cute

4 cowgirl hats (common)

4 full outfits( RARE)

outfit include: chaps, paci, shirt, jeans(hud), shoes

Gacha two:

gacha 2 not easy

Oversized common shirts: 6 different ones

Saying : Not easy being a cowgirl. but if the boot fit…..

4 cowgirl hats (common)

4 full outfits( RARE)

outfit include: chaps, paci, shirt, jeans(hud), shoes

Thanks Emmi for a wrangling good outfit!

Glitter Junkies

Please note no Pegasus horses where injured in this photo shoot.

Lissa only pulled my hair three times so I not bald.

Thank you Lissa Ragu for your help.

Pose: Flutter – Your other Left (group gift)

Pegasus Rocker: Aura’s Rocking Away Pegasus


Suzie-ism: Ponderings of a 5 year old -Skin of my teeth

Why does we say  I escaped by the skin of my teeth??

Ummm.. my teeth has no skins on dem.

It made me ponder. Where does it comes from?

What does it mean?

Do my teeth have skin?

Is this a really silly phrase or what?

So I googled the phrase “skin of my teeth”.

Originally the phrase is attributed to Job in the Bible.

Job 19:20 “I am nothing but skin and bones; I have escaped with only the skin of my teeth.”

Some argue translating it as.. I have escaped by the skin of my teeth..

Either way our teeth have no skin on them.

It really means escaped by the narrowest margin.

Another possible meaning in this idiom is if all fighting appendages are bond or missing one still has their teeth left to fight with. So trying to escape by narrowest margin with the smallest weapon attached.

This all leads me to concludes…. (As I imagine a rat chewing through a rope to escape by ‘skin of its teeth’) it’s a pretty funny saying. So I’m blogging it as a suzie-ism.