Farm Life and milk

So while I was working the farm today i tried to con the bosk out of some fresh milk.  the bosk didn’t want to be nice and put it right in mines sippie from Buglets now at The Playroom. So I had to opt for some water instead.

But i did get a little dirty while tending the animals. It’s okay because we habs a washing machine to wash in. This outfit is also from Buglets currently at ninety-nine. Available in 4 different denim options with a shirt color hud. Whats fabulous is the option for a clean shirt a dirty shirt and overalls. i fink we all know what i like.

A note on the sippie. Clicking it let’s you fill your cup. But beware if your cup isn’t locked someone else can fill your cup for you.  Mines sissie always changes mines chocolate milk for water. hers means dat way.

Farm Life and milk_001

Trying to con more milk

***** Suzie’s Take *****

Body: ~ToddleeDoo – Baby (v.3.2)
Head:Bebe Baboo Bento Mesh Head
Skin: Bebe Baboo Bento -Peach
Hair: Doe: Cricket – Browns
outfit: ~*Buglets*~ Riley Shortalls (Ninety-Nine)
paper Damsels Poppy Bento Rings (June Shop Hop)
shoes: Pinned Design Chevy Sneaker
prop:~*Buglets*~ Fancy Lil Sippy Cup Gacha – Silver (The Playroom)
Bosk from G&S system

Buglets New Logo 11-5


Having a Tea Party

Mines sissie and me had a tea party today. We had some tea and some cakes. We even had two cute visitors. Can you spot dems? Not sure she knew they stopped by and ate too.

This cute tea party set is from Buglets at The Playroom at March 2017 til months end. Eight commons, 1 rare (the tea set).

The chairs and pouf have many sits in them.

Tea party_001
Having a tea party Having a tea party 2

***** Suzie’s Take *****

Body: ~ToddleeDoo – Baby (v.3.2)
Head:Bebe Baboo Bento Mesh Head
Skin: Bebe Baboo Bento -Peach
Hair: [e] Lena – Exclusives
outfit:~*Buglets*~ TD Kitticorn Dress Cream(Group Gift)
~*Buglets*~ TD Kitticorn Socks Cream (FLF)

On Lissa:
Hair: Doe: Katrin – Essentials
outfit:~*Buglets*~ TD Kitticorn Dress Sky (Group Gift)


Buglets New Logo 11-5


Sweet dreams and a warm night

After a long hard days play sometimes you don’t even make it to you bed before passing out. That was the case today.  i was so tired from all the fun I had that I passed out on a pile of pillows in my jammies holding my teddy bear.

It might not look the most comfortable position to sleep in but man was I out.


***** Suzie’s Take *****

Body: ~ToddleeDoo – BabyGirl (v.2.9.b)
Head:Bebe Baboo Bento Mesh Head
Skin: Bebe Baboo Bento -Cinnamon
Hair: Doe: Katrin – Essentials
outfit:~*Buglets*~ TD Sweet Dreams Gacha – Jammies Mint (The Playroom)
assessories & props:

~*Buglets*~ TD Sweet Dreams Gacha – (The Playroom)
~*Buglets*~ TD Sweet Dreams Gacha – Binky Mint
~*Buglets*~ TD Sweet Dreams Gacha – Teddy Lilac
~*Buglets*~ TD Sweet Dreams Gacha – Teddy Mint
~*Buglets*~ TD Sweet Dreams Gacha – Pillow Pile RARE

This is the January 2017 edition of The Playroom.


Buglets New Logo 11-5



Lil Miss Claus to the rescue

This tree was looking a little sparse under it.  But have no fear Lil Miss Claus is near.

This awesome gacha outfit is now at The Playroom.  The outfit is in red or white with teh coat being the rare in each color.

I’m modeling the white Lil Miss Claus.

On the nail HUD I am wearing the red sparkle nails.

Also don’t forget to grab the VIP group gift while visiting the Playroom.




#120 The playroom and Winter Wonderland Snowing Fun

It’s time for another round at The Playroom. ~*Buglets*~ released Winter Wonderland Gacha for the December round which features a cute snowman, snow-covered bridge , table, chair, throne, arch, bench, sign, teacup, teapot, and wearable sled (RARE).

Many of them have animations and are great fun. I particularly like the bench, sled, and bridge.

Buglets Winter Wonderland Gacha_002
Buglets Winter Wonderland Gacha_001

****** Suzie’s Take *****

Body: Toddleedoo Girl Baby size
Skin: **Cute Bytes** Rapunzel Skin – Tan/Nut
Shape: [Whimsy] Jaqueline Toddleedoo Shape
Eyes: **Cute Bytes** Romantic Eyes ~ Emerald
Mesh Head: *CB* Baby Mesh Head #3 – MINA
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Danni – dark browns
Outfit: 75 ~*Sweet Tots*~ TD~ Happy Snowman

Props: ~*Buglets*~ Winter Wonderland Gacha


Buglets New Logo 11-5